Malcolm X's Speech By Any Means Necessary

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On June 28, 1964, the Black Nationalist leader Malcolm X delivered a very powerful speech. A speech called “By Any Means Necessary”. During the time of speech, the major issue of the United States was gaining the true rights of an African American. Although Slavery had been abolished, blacks were still treated as less than human. Over the years, they worked hard to get their rights and are continuing to do so. Malcolm X was an effective leader because he had exceptional communication skills. These skills are viewed in his speech “By Any Means Necessary” and have been analyzed. The main goal of this speech was for blacks to figure out or to begin to figure out, what they can do to change the injustice, in order for blacks to gain things that …show more content…

This speech was delivered solely to benefit their future in America. Because he was an African American as well and his past mirrored what they were going through, people connected to him. He wasn’t living lavish and speaking on topics he knew nothing about. He has lived life and he was living the life of an African American. That title came with its own trials and tribulations that each of them related to. These were more reasons why he was credible and such an effective communicator. During the speech, he showed his sense of humor and was able to laugh at certain things. Although it was such a serious matter and he was able to make myself and the people in the audience laugh. That is something pretty amazing. Watching Malcolm X’s speech was relevant for many reasons. It was relevant because he spoke on problems still troubling the world 50 years later. He also showed signs of being a very effective communicator. Since this indeed is a class on how to be an effective communicator, Malcolm X set a very good example. He made sure he was credible, he related to the audience and as well had a very purposeful speech. Malcolm X set the path for many people wanted to change the world. And how can you change the world without being able to successfully communicate with

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