Lincoln's Plan For Reconstruction

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With the end of the Civil War the country began its Reconstruction to repair the damages the South had cause when the Confederates withdrawal from the Union. One of the questions asked should the South be punished or pardoned for their crimes committed against the Union. President Lincoln began proposing a Ten Percent Plan for the Reconstruction of the South which was in leniency for the Confederates, which entailed pardoning crimes, to any Confederate who would take an oath of allegiance to the Union and accept federal policy on slavery. There was much antagonistic views on Lincoln’s plan for the Reconstructing the South, with the Radical Republicans being adamant that the Reconstruction should be a total reconstruction of the society to guarantee African American true equality. The assassination of President Lincoln caused the nation to go into a political chaos, with Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan vetoed a new Plan which was overseen by former Vice President Andrew Johnson. Now President, Johnson took the essence of Lincoln plan with the pardoning of southerners who …show more content…

With the established black codes or laws that limited African American rights these black codes were curfews, vagrancy laws, labor contracts, and land restrictions. In 1866, Congress passed a Civil Rights Act that outlawed the black codes, with congress overriding his veto, Congress decided to build equal rights into the Constitution. White rioters went on rampages against African American with act of stabbing, shooting, and hanging hundreds of blacks, President Johnson continued to oppose the equality of African Americans thus beginning a power struggle between congress and the President causing his near future

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