Ernest Hemingway Big Two Beloved River Analysis

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Earnest Hemingway – a prominent and outstanding American writer has managed to create throughout his life numerous works of large importance showing an unbelievable talent and master skills of the writers. The large part of his works is devoted to the depiction of the after war society and showing which influence has the war had on people who were involved into it. This might also be said to be true regarding the short story by Hemingway called "Big Two Hearted River". The main character of the story, Nick is an emotionally wounded and disillusioned by World War I. He would like to heal his soul and he heads to the Great Lakes in order to find peace in the nature and to restore the balance in his soul. He believes that such step would allow him to forget about the complicated days that are already far behind and that he will manage to renew himself. This idea is expressed by Hemingway not only in “Big Two Hearted River". It also finds reflection in his other works. Carlos Baker wrote about it in his book, “A meditation which goes deeply enough into the heart of the nature...will often end, as it does in Hemingway, with a meditation that goes deeply into the heart of a man” (290).
The short story by Hemingway is not as simple as it
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This reflects the optimistic view of the author on life and possibilities, even despite the darkness and problems that people get over. In this concern, the author tries to show his readers that the nature is the best means to find peace and to renew ones energy needed for the rest of our lives after negative events occur. The nature in this story is not stable and changes, the landscapes also change. However, the nature depicting with its calmness, softness and beauty is still the opposition to war and to burn village in the first part. All in all, Hemingway believes that nature really provides the chance for a person to get the second
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