What You Pawn I Will Redeem Essay

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1. What is your chosen prompt for the literary analysis assignment? (Use the space below to complete this section. Include the number and first sentence of the prompt you chose from the list of prompts.) I chose to write about prompt number 2. “In some stories, characters come into conflict with the culture in which they live. Often, a character feels alienated in his/her community or society due to race, gender, class or ethnic background. The texts below all contain a character who is ‘outcast’ or otherwise disconnected from society in some way, reflecting important ideas about both the character and the surrounding society’s assumptions, morality, and values. Choose a text and consider the questions below as you critically read the text. …show more content…

This story expresses the true goodness in people by the way they treat others. Jackson Jackson is a homeless Native American who lives on the streets of Seattle, with two of his friends. Although he is homeless, he has earned the respect of the locals, and Native Americans from other “tribes”. Jackson is liked by everyone he associates with, and even though he is homeless, they still give him the benefit of the doubt. In the story, the narrator considers trust, friendship, family, companionship, and heritage the most important beliefs and values. Many of the Indians share several common denominators…they are homeless, they yearn to get back to their tribes, and they are deeply devoted to their Indian heritage. However, even though they don’t have a lot, they share what they have with the others; regardless of their tribe. This is true of the Americans in the community. The pawn shop owner and the police officer help Jackson throughout the story. Every individual in the story is willing to help and become friends with his or her fellow man or woman; regardless of race or sexual orientation. There is one individual in the story who is considered “bisexual.” The Indians in the bar are aware of his sexual preference, and they accept him for who he is without discrimination. They seem to laugh about it, and continue with their

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