Literary Devices Used In Act 4 Of Hamlet

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As with the previous acts in this play, there are unusual words and phrases used in act four. At one point, while he seems to be in confused dismay, Laertes proclaims, “O heat, dry up my brains!” And at another point, as the king seems to be asking about Hamlet’s welfare or perhaps his sanity, he says, “How does Hamlet?” As one may anticipate, the cast still thinks Hamlet is insane, and the fact that he just killed a man doesn’t help his case. Claudius wants to send him to England, and in fact, he does so. Because Hamlet is supposedly on his way to England, scene seven of act four shows very little of Hamlet himself. Though he is seen infrequently, he is spoken of a great deal; however, as one may read about in the following paragraph, to have

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