Loca Fire Case Study

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loca fire puts girl in the hospital Local fire puts a young girl in the hospital. The fire took place at a local Oak Creek home on Sunday, September 27th. ” It all started at around eleven o'clock,” stated Davis,” she smelled what she thought was fingernail polish remover. The girl's mother Melinda ran into the laundry room to see an explosion of fire. frantically her daughter ran into the kitchen to get the fire extinguisher. seems to be this little girl was the family's hero. After the fire was put out Davis went into shock and also had a PTSD attack Her brother and his friend ran over to the neighbors house for help. Soon they all ran over to the scene to see one of their own not doing so good. “She was almost completely unresponsive,” said one of the neighbors. The 911 operators had received multiple calls from …show more content…

she insantly startes a fight as they tried to transfer her onto the bed on the room due to reliving the tredgedy of a fire. eventualy getting her in the bed. a nurss came in and observed her ,making hur that it was only phycological,an noy anything more serious than that. as they tried to calm her her the emotions got worss.last but not least she was given medication to help calm her down. after about 20 minuts of reasurign her thaat everything will be ok the medicine started to work ,easing the painful memory of such a tragic time in her life.soon she was able to speak again. before you know it she was as if nothing ever happened, and was relaxing to rest. shortly their after she was once again evaluated by the nurss to confurm that she was back to normal. the nurss conferming told her that they would alow her to go home,but to take medication as needed. while the nurss was waiting in discarge pappers she held a slight conversation with the child, discusing chickens. returning to give papper work to her mother the nurss turned to look at the girl

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