Fingerprint Pattern: A Case Study

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Anna garcia is a hispanic 38 year old woman who passed away in her home. Her height is 64 inches.She weighs 165 pounds. The circumstances of her death are quite mysterious,due to the evidence found in the Hair samples,shoeprint samples,fingerprint and etc. Anna died in her home in her living room and was found by her neighbor Doug Green. Who had stated that he had her Anna’s dog bark excessively and after approaching the doorway and knocking and getting no answer doug came in and was in shock when he saw anna. Anna was laying face first in her hallway and was surrounded by blood,pills and fallen furniture. Doug immediately called the EMT’s. When the EMT’s arrived they stated that Anna Garcia had passed away.
The investigations of the fingerprints dealing with anna 's death had revealed that the fingerprints belonged to Alex Garcia. I state this because after further inspection i conclude that alex garcia’s fingerprint matches certain parts of the fingerprint found at the scene’s ridge patterns were the same. And both fingerprints had the “loop” type fingerprint,They both had the same minutiae . So the conclusion that due to all the similarities alex’s fingerprints and the prints found at the scene are a match. …show more content…

Both people have type B blood,This creates a problem because we cannot state whether it was alex’s blood at the crime scene for if it was anna 's from a fall or some other injury.
The shoeprint found at the scene of the crime best matched the victim,anna garcia. After studying all the people of interest and comparing their tread marks to the one at the crime scene i concluded that the shoeprint has the same tread marks as anna garcia

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