Lola Desire Symbolism

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Color is use in the movie to demonstrate relations for power and danger. In the beginning, when Lola talks to Manni on the phone, we see a big eye poster sticked on the wall with red band. The eye represents individuality while the red color shows Lola’s strength. Also, Lola’s red shows her strength and anger to find the money for Manni. However, as Manni called Lola, we see her with a red phone which also symbolizes her power. The color yellow is also used when Manni was trapped in the yellow phone booth talking to Lola. Also, the workers carrying a huge glass wear yellow costumes, and the Shop Manni robbed was yellow. Furthermore, as Lola goes to her dad for money, her dad was on a black screen shaking his head. Lola’s dad was shaking his head toward her direction that Lola was running, showing …show more content…

However, she dragged her father down the office, the same he had grabbed her. Red, yellow and green symbolizes traffic stops showing how humans deals with life. Lola’s green pant show her physical strength and her ability to run. Moreover, red in the movie symbolizes Lola’s hindrances in the world such as the red bicycle, red train that pass and the ambulance that knocked her down. Also, at the end of the movie, they had a conversation in a bed, red light shot is covered by them showing their nervousness of the viewer about whether they will die or not. Also, Lola’s needs energy in order to save his boyfriend and this is given by the color red. The color red makes the viewer anxious about how she can manage to save Manni. Lastly, the red plastic bag with the money they robbed from the supermarket also serves the

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