The Color Pink In Liesel's The Book Thief

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I assigned Hans the accordion and the color pink to represent Hans’s character. The accordion represents to him a friend he once knew who saved his life (Page 176 and 178). To Hans the accordion is also representative of a way to make money when times are hard, a friend who he once knew that died in a tragic way, and to others in the story, like Rosa, the accordion is a continual reminder of him (Page 33). The accordion is also similar to Hans’s attitude because it is very lively, much like himself. The color pink represents Hans because pink is often associated with loving, caring and comfort which are three characteristics of Hans.

I assigned Max a bird and the color blue to represent his character in the book. Liesel begins to call Max …show more content…

The color yellow appropriately represents Death. Death is the result of being killed which makes him a ‘good guy’ that should not be feared (Page 6). In short terms Death is a nice caring guy who has a job he doesn’t want that he is tired of (Page 5). Yellow represents deaths good attitude and character; despite what many say or believe about him. The Book Thief represents Death in the book because Liesel’s story as the book thief draw him in and he becomes very interested in her. Liesel wrote her own version of The Book Thief which after it gets thrown away Death reads many times until he takes Liesel’s soul and discusses it with her (Page …show more content…

White represents Liesel’s character because she is very innocent through out the book and she cares for many. Liesel is innocent and blind to many things in her life. For example, the fact that her father was a communist. Liesel did not know this until long after she moved to Himmel Street. Prior to her brother’s death, Liesel had a very pure and innocent soul which attracted Death to her. Liesel was also innocent in not knowing where her real mother was and being blind to the situation (Page 98-100). The tattered, old doll given to Liesel by Hans and Rosa represents Liesel because she is being torn and destroyed as people come in and out of her life, like her mother and brother (Page 25, page 40). Liesel was also living during a dark time of history which is all of the dirt covering the

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