Theme Of Colors In The Book Thief

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What do colors mean? Colors represent different things, trigger different memories. Colors have a wide variety of meanings for different people. Colors spark different things for people. Some relate the color pink to a girl and blue to a boy, other people may relate blue to sadness. There is a wide variety of different colors we can see through many things In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Death is the narrator and often connects the souls he collects to different colors. The color he sees normally represents something such as white may mean they are pure and innocent. Zusak portrays Death as a witty, sarcastic character, yet there is a deeper part of Death he has experienced so much and the colors are a way for him to connect to the human world. The theme of color can be found throughout the novel through Death and his life-changing experiences, Zusak shows the power of colors through Liesel, Death and other characters. Colors often represent a bigger picture of what is going on. Liesel often used colors to describe things, such as Papa’s eyes. “They were made of kindness, and silver (Zusak 34).” This implies the bond that has yet to come with Liesel and Papa. The importance of the silver eyes is that Liesel finds comfort in his eyes even though he was a stranger. The comfort Liesel found in his eyes even with the terrible situation. ”She especially loved to see him hit the silver, sparkled button- the C major” (Zusak 38). ” The significance of the color silver is like a

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