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“In the silence of their studios, busied for days at a time with works which leave the mind relatively free, painters become like women; their thoughts can revolve around the minor facts of life and penetrate their hidden meaning.” There’s a hidden meaning or objective behind every artist’s work. We all interpret paintings differently; some art can be forms of phi phenomenon (illusion of movement created by presenting visual stimuli in rapid succession), or others could be interpreting cues such as Monocular and Binocular. We can’t fully understand what the artist is trying to present unless there is an outline, but we can surely look at the texture, colour, line and shape of each painting to get a meaning for ourselves. A person that demonstrates a form of interpreting his art is Stu Oxley. Stu Oxley is a Canadian Artist with a Masters of fine Art. Oxley has been painting and teaching for thirty years within Ontario. Oxley’s painting consist of an atmospheric washes or rich colours that possess markings that emphases his hands and interrupting the works subtle tonal shifts. Oxley thought that paintings were a way to express a sense of moment. Oxley wanted people to look at his paintings and be moved by emotions and get different aspect of …show more content…

The piece was being exhibited for yourself to interpret it. In art, colour can be used to evoke a certain mood, create a message or evoke a strong response in the viewer. Creatives can use the positive or negative attributes of color in their works to subliminally send a message. The colour blue can be represent a message such as calm, compassion, and harmony. Blue can also represent wisdom and a steady character. In my personal bias of the painting, I interpreted the painting as a spirit going to heaven. The painting consist of a figure of white and a ground of blue. We focus our attention at the white being presented and then following by the

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