Loneliness In Joh John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Human beings are naturally social with one another. Therefore, the mere feeling of being socially isolated is likely caused by another's ethnicity, status, mental capability, or, by appearance. When socially unaccepted, the emotion of loneliness quickly rushes into the mind along with a negative path of thinking, such as self-critical thoughts. This inner critic feeds on the feelings of isolation and loneliness, causing the victim to remain remote from crowds, or urging the need to find people they can meaningfully connect with. Although when surrounded in the company of others, the victim does not always feel a sense of belonging, due to the incapability of overcoming mental obstacles, lack of understanding, and unawareness to the idea of quality over quantity. The same idea goes for inanimate objects, such as money or land, which cannot bring happiness to a lonely person due to their disability of obtaining what they crave that is, a companion. While both feelings of isolation and loneliness are two words with two separate meanings, they share a connection of emotions that are impacted from a victim’s mental thought, actions, and by lack of confidence.

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