Lord Of The Flies Allegory

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Part One: Understanding the Book William Golding’s hit novel, Lord of the Flies, has many sides to it. There is the clear side of a glorious adventure book, and then there is the allegorical side. Analyzing the adventure and allegorical elements of Lord of the Flies, helps us understand the book on different levels. In Lord of the Flies, a group of boys crashland on a deserted island with limited technology and no adults. As main characters emerge, Ralph, who is the leader that sparks controversy, Piggy, Simon, and Jack, who is the one that disrespects Ralph and makes others fear him. Orderly society is formed, but this society doesn’t last long with the deaths of Simon and Piggy. When Jack breaks away from the group and makes his own tribe, …show more content…

The theme is even described by Ralph when he says, “...three of us will go on an expedition and find out.” (21). Therefore, a reader, early in the book, is already drawn into the novel thinking it’s an adventure book. Many young male readers would be drawn to this book, and books like Lord of the Flies. This is all due to the themes, which are: no parents, only boys, and plenty of action. Yet, the main character doesn’t exactly prevail… The story ends when the Naval Officer comes to rescue the boys from the burning island, and saves Ralph from getting killed brutally by Jack and his …show more content…

What they represent are developing technology in the world, and in this case, on the island which they are trapped on. To illustrate, when Jack says, “His specs-use them as burning glasses!” (41) it shows the importance of the specs when they use them to create fire. The specs serve as the technology that keeps the society together, or the technology that will tear the society apart, as it does in Lord of the Flies. Society begins to fall apart as showed by, “‘One side’s broken.’ “Piggy grabbed and put on the glasses. He looked malevolently at Jack.” (78). This illustrating the raw emotions that occur when conflicts of opinions happen. After this moment with the steamship passing by and Ralph getting mad at Jack, then Jack breaking one of Piggy’s lenses, is the start of the issues on the island. Sometimes, when technology is ignored for what it can do (not keeping the fire going with the power of the glasses), and not using, or abusing technology, bad things can happen to society as shown here. Yet, with technology, comes

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