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Lord of the Flies Essay Revision In the book, Lord of the Flies by WIlliam Golding, a group of young boys are stranded on an island all alone, which turns to have a horrible outcome- murder and savagery. Golding uses a variety of symbols to paint the picture of little boys turning savage, one symbol being ¨the beast¨. Throughout the use of the beast as a symbol of fear, as seen when the boy´s find a dead parachuter and confuse it with the beast, Golding suggests that every human has a beast in them, and humans are the only thing that should be feared. From the start, it was clear to see how rapidly the boys were starting to turn into savages on account of their fear of the beast. Piggy and Simon were the first to figure the puzzle out on page 84, during an assembly to discuss about the beast. Piggy gets emotional, almost like he does not want to believe that a beat exists, but knows it does. He finally comes to the conclusion: ¨We get frightened of people¨. Half of the group laughs, half jeers. A littlun speaks and a few moments later, it is Simon who speaks up. He says hesitantly: …show more content…

The ¨beast¨ that they speak about is nothing more than a dead parachuter. But their fear for the beast makes them see a ¨furry¨ thing with ¨claws¨ and ¨wings behind its head¨ (page 100). What Golding means when he writes this, is that the beast is in fact human. While its only a human, the boys don´t realize that until chapter 9. It is Simon who stumbles upon the dead parachutist, and finds out that there was no beast. As he runs to the group in attempt to explain that there was no beastie, he is murdered by the boys because they confuse him with it. Their fear for the beast led them to the murder of Simon. After murdering one of their own in such a brutal way, itś clear that the beast is themselves, and like Piggy had said, they are who should've brought fear to each

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