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Loretta Lynn has always had a passion and love for music, she always had a lot of number one hits on her albums. She did not always have it easy, because in her childhood it was rough and up to her marriage and her children. Loretta Lynn has had a good singing career she has won and got some awards at the CMA’s, she was the first ever to get an award from the CMA’s for being Entertainer of the Year with her songs and her movies Loretta Lynn had a rough time in her childhood, people recall her as the First Lady of Country Music because she started it back in the 90's. Loretta Lynn was inspired by music in her childhood, because she loved hearing it and the tune of it. Lynn grew up as a coal miner's daughter, and then she wrote a song about …show more content…

Lynn has wrote some of her songs on her life and other women's lives, she has a song and album out called "Coal Miner's Daughter,” and there is a movie on her life about it (“Country Music in the 1970’s,”2015). Loretta Lynn has made and has had a lot of albums coming out in her life. Lynn has made a lot of awards, she works with rocker Jack White of the band White Stripes (Carlin, 2006). Loretta Lynn traveled all over the country with her husband to different radio stations and asking DJs to play her song, and they loved her voice and music, and her song "Honky Tonk Girl" inspired by Kitty Wells became a number one hit (Levine, 2006). Lynn and Conway Twitty were duet partner for songs, their songs have funny lyrics and have to do with where they are from (Carlin, …show more content…

Loretta Lynn was the inspiration to so many country singers over the years that she was given the lifetime achievement award (Kallen, 2003). Loretta Lynn, George Strait, and Johnny Cash won the top prize for the CMA Awards as the Entertainer of the year (“Country Music Association award,” 2015). Loretta Lynn has a very special name from her mother's favorite celebrity, she loved to perform in front of her siblings with her songs, and she has been the first one to start writing her own songs (Levine, 2006). Lynn has been suffering her own health problems so she has been singing on a limited time, from 1990 to 1996 she withdrew from singing for a while to help her husband who has diabetes, also Lynn was picked to the Country Music Hall of Fame (Carlin,

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