Lost In Water

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The interior consciousness of an individual that discusses one’s thoughts and feelings plays an important role in the world of literature. Anwer Khan, the author of The Pose, and Roch Carrier, the author of A Secret Lost in the Water, similarly and adequately utilize several writing techniques to showcase the inner monologue of the protagonist. The use of literary devices describes the physical actions of the protagonist, which translates to what the protagonist is thinking. Moreover, the manipulation of the chronological order of the events depicts the characterization and the thoughts of the protagonist. Finally, the authors’ ability to narrate the short story depicts how the protagonists react to their surroundings mentally and physically. …show more content…

After the girl is content with the many positive opinions she receives, Khan narrates, “Confidently she strode away, briskly but lightly, happy and satisfied. As though she’d just unloaded the entire pestering weight of her body and soul.” (Khan 20). The author utilizes the time frame from day to night, to show the contrast in her character which went from feeling anxious to feeling confident. The cause of her characterization originates from her thoughts; therefore the time frame is used to develop her character so the readers can witness her transformation. Due to her introverted personality, she already thinks that the process of posing in front of a crowd is nerve wracking, but when people begin to flatter her, she begins to think and believe that she is becoming more confident and by the end of the day, she already is. In addition, the boy from, A Secret Lost in the Water, does not know how to get the water, so he happily says, “Somewhere along the roads I’d taken since the village of my childhood I had forgotten my father’s knowledge. ‘Don’t feel sorry,’ said the man, thinking no doubt of his farm and his childhood; ‘nowadays fathers can’t pass on anything to the next generation.’” (Carrier 20). During present day, the boy is grown-up and feels guilty for neglecting his culture. The …show more content…

The use of literary devices illustrates the physical actions of the protagonist, which describe the protagonist's thoughts. Moreover, the thoughts influence the similar choices of the chronological order of the events depicts the characterization of the protagonist. Lastly, the authors’ ability

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