Louis Armstrong Accomplishments

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Have you ever imagined being on the best jazz music concert, being surrounded by the best jazz musicians of the world? Have you ever seen a trompetist playing so passionately? During the crazy 1920s you are going to see the emerge of one of the greatest jazz soloist, who changed the history of jazz and African American culture. Back then jazz was just an African American music that you can dance, but Louis Armstrong transformed it making it a popular art.

Jazz is a music genre that originated in the late XIX century and expanded globally in the XX century. Jazz originated in the United States with the fusion of European and African American music, this music genre have some important characteristics and rhythms that make it get known such …show more content…

“...he came to prominence in the 1920s, influencing countless musicians with both his daring trumpet style and unique vocals.” But before he became the most influential person in Jazz, he had to pass through a series of problems when he was young.

First of all he was born in very poor conditions, actually the place where he was borned was called “The Battlefield”. His father, William Armstrong, abandoned both his wife and son after he borned. This doesn't end over here, due to all poverty and hard conditions on being African Americans, his mother, Mary Albert, had to turned to prostitution. So most of the time he will spent it with his grandmother.

When Louis Armstrong was in fifth grade, he was obligated to leave and start working in order to survive. But this was just the beginning of his talented career. Luckily, the Karnofskys, a jewish family, decided to employ him giving him the order of collecting wastes and delivering coal. The Karnofskys also let Louis to sing and make him practice, he was understanding music gave naturally into …show more content…

During these shows and acts Louis Armstrong started to met great musicians such as, Jack Teagarden and Bix Beiderbecke. Jazz Revolution
Louis Armstrong combined Blues feelings during his interpretations and joined voice-like to them. Due to the great abilities of Louis Armstrong at playing jazz, it changed the music on focusing on brilliant and adventurous soloists. “During his year with Henderson, Armstrong became a major influence not only on other brass players but on musicians of all instruments”. His swinging style became so popular, that many other musicians started to imitate him. When he moved again to Chicago in 1925, many trumpeters sounded almost like him.

“During 1925-28, Louis Armstrong’s recordings with his small groups (the Hot Five, Hot Seven and his Savoy Ballroom Five), revolutionized jazz, containing some of his most brilliant trumpet playing”. Louis Armstrong’s voice was different than the others musicians and singers, there were times in which Louis didn’t memorize the lyrics of a song and instantly he will invent words and

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