Who Is Louis Zamperini's Unbroken?

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“Unbroken”, the story of an unforetold tale which includes a young man, who went by the name Louis Zamperini. Louis starts off in his birthplace of New York in 1917, then growing up in his hometown area of Torrance, California with his family after moving in 1919, two years after Louis birth. He was a young boy of Italian descent, living with father Anthony, mother Louise, sisters Sylvia & Virginia, and older brother, Pete. Being in the household of the Zamperini 's they’d lived strict Roman Catholic lives. Louis did not favor the strictness, which led him to be quite the troublemaker. His troublesome as a young boy had led to his arrests, and punishment from his father. Luckily, his brother, Pete had found a way to help transfer his “fire”, or “drive”, into something that would keep him out of trouble, something meaningful, running. Running had led Louis onto the path of him beating his peers, not only them, but making a greater change within himself. Thus, making a positive impact on through his maturing …show more content…

After reading this book myself, I rate it one of the best ever, giving “Unbroken” a five out of five stars. I recommend this piece of work for ages 15-100. Reason for such a wide range of age is due to the fact that it is a story with a character of mature and moral development, to the age of Louis Zamperini himself, he had grown in wisdom and love. Showing that there is nothing too hard to overcome if you have love & forgiveness. Ethos (emotion), had played a huge role in this book/movie. Yes, this story had executed above and beyond, a motivational push to show it is possible to even forgive those who hurt you physically and emotionally. Through Louis hardships in which he had endured, it showcases that there’s always a chance, a chance at forgiveness and change. He may be gone now, but his legacy lives on in every “true”

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