Louise Erdrich Influence On Native American Culture

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This paper will focus on the Native American culture and the effects that outside cultural influences have had on their society throughout the years. Additionally, this paper will break down and analyze four of the primary concerns addressed by Native American authors Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich in their works revealing examples of these outside influences and the effects inflicted on these tribal communities throughout many of their novels, short stories, and poems. Two examples of some major works that reflect on these influences are “Love Medicine" written by Louise Erdrich and “Ten Little Indians” written by Sherman Alexie where both authors address problems such as cultural separation, alcoholism, domination, and self-preservation dilemmas that have and will continue to threaten …show more content…

Both authors address concerns regarding large numbers of young adults that leave their tribal grounds seeking career and other life opportunities outside of the tribal reservation. However, after a short time of separation from their native culture these dominating outside influences begin to cause identity issues as the dominating force disconnects the young adults from their traditional way of life. Unfortunately, as a direct result, these young adults slowly begin adapting to these outside cultures thus leaving their old ways of life and cultural beliefs behind. In the short story “Ten Little Indians” author Alexie reflects upon this through the character who had left the reservation to attend college and then later returns to the reservation and was questioned by their elders. The character then becomes upset having to deny their like for what they was learning in order that they didn’t anger their elders (Alexie, 2003, p. 14). In addition Alexie points out that this is another good example of young Native Americans that resulted in instances where losses of traditional values which has threatened the survival of their

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