Louisiana Purchase Dbq

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The Louisiana Purchase was land that was bought by America from France. By purchasing this land it opened new opportunities for faster trade and more land that they could use to colonize. The two famous explorers that were able to discover and chart new routes that could be used. For example on one of their journeys they were able to find an overland route that would get them through the mountain range. Drafted and put into act by the U.S president Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison the Embargo Act of 1807 would control the trade in and out of the U.S. “during the continuance of the, act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbors of the United States (Embargo Act 1807).” Although fairly strict, …show more content…

Great Britain had come back to America and had begun pestering Americans to join the British Navy. But after just having gotten their independence from Great Britain none were willing to step up and join them. The British were also seen conspiring with the Native Americans which was not taken lightly by the Americans. A group in Tennessee called the “War Hawks” advocated greatly for the engagement with the British in a war. One representative for this group, Felix Grundy, stated that with the British coming back over it was an “unjust and lawless invasion of personal liberty, calls loudly for the interposition of this Government (Grundy, 1811).” The nationalism that was felt during this times was very large, they felt a great need to again fight for the land they won from the British. They wanted to assert their dominance over the British, show them with the independence they had gained was used to create a powerful and determined country, “They understand too well their own weakness, and our strength. They have already felt the weight of our arms (Grundy, …show more content…

Ogden. They case was to decide who had power over interstate commerce, the state or Congress? This was a very large problem that was being faced, for many of the Americans wished this power to be in the hands of the state. An argument that was brought up was the people have given the government this power “to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper (Marshall, 1824).” They were fighting for this small independence form the government, the states still wished for a nation with a government but felt that the power that Congress was taking wasn’t for the nation government to deal

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