Louisiana Purchase Effects On Native Americans

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“Done at Madrid, this 11th date of August, 1803,”. When Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe bought the land from France in eighteen o’ three they together changed the lives and cultures of hundreds to thousands of native americans, frenchmen, and even current and future americans by starting land battles and century-long feuds. Along with these bad things they also started some good things like increasing trade, mining, and agriculture. Jefferson and Monroe more than doubled the size of America for the small price of $fifteen million dollars, but also for the larger price of more wars, deaths, and greed on american soil. Some people however still believe that the price of the land was too big of a price to pay for what we received in the end, …show more content…

These Native Americans were affected so greatly that their population decreased by more than three fourths that it was previous to the purchase in the seven years following the louisiana purchase (cite). While France owned the Louisiana Territory immigrants left the native americans alone, unless they wanted to make a peaceful bond or do some sort of trade deal. When the Americans started exploring the new land, on the other hand, they killed, raped, and abused the Natives for no reasons other than greed and hate. The purchasing of this land led eventually to what is known as the Indian Removal Act brought out into america by President Andrew Jackson who was known as the “Indian Killer”. He saw the natives as poisonous people on the land, when in fact it was the immigrants that would destroy the land and create problems for hundreds generations ahead of them. At first, before the removal act, the natives continued to live peacefully alongside the immigrants. Soon though the americans wanted more and more land, money, and even slaves. So Americans offered money and other items of value to the native tribes in exchange for them to move far away from their homeland. If the tribes did not accept their offer the the americans took it upon themselves to forcefully take the land for themselves. The tribes that did accept money and other items waited years to receive their rightful payment. In one case the Chickasaw tribe was owed five hundred thirty thousand dollars and waited thirty long years to finally receive their payment that they had been promised. (cite) These humans were forced from their homes and only accepted the money because they did not want to be slaughtered like they had seen other tribes being. Killing, raping, abusing, and lying are not even close to the worst things that have been done to the native americans throughout america's short history. Things were bad all

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