Summary Of Our Hearts Fell To The Ground

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Introduction Our Hearts Fell to the Ground is about the Indians of the Plains views on how the West was lost. The Indians of the Plains lived in peace for many years before the white men came. After the white men came the Great Plains became a war ground for the people who lived their. Many battles and wars between the white men and the Indians of the Plains caused lost of suffering and unhappiness. The white men also greatly impacted the life in the Plains. They killed off herds of animals that were the Indians food source, they took their land, and greatly affected what was first their home land. Indians due to resources, food supply, and terrible condition after wars and battle with the white men, had no choice but to accept their fate. …show more content…

The Indians weren’t hostile at the white men until the white men created conflict. It was the white men coming into their country and messing things up. The white men basically created conflict and punished the Indians for it. In a speech given by Ten Bears at the Treaty of Medicine Lodge, “My people do not trouble the white man at all; but two years ago, on this road, your soldiers commenced killing my young men, and on the Canadian also. My young men returned the fire, and fought your soldiers. Your men then attacked our villages; we retorted as well as we could.” (Stanley 1895) This just goes to show the Indians did not want any harm, they didn’t want conflict. Buffalo With the Kiowas The conquest was not complete, though the white men sadly did do a really great job at wiping out a culture and nation. The Kiowas for example everything they had came from the buffalo. Old Lady Horse said, “There was a war between the buffalo still protected the Kiowas. They tore up the railroad tracks and the garden. They chased the cattle off the ranges. The buffalo loved their people as much as the Kiowas loved them.” (Marriott and Rachlin 1968) In conclusion, the Indian Story in the conquest of the American West was not simple. The conquest was not complete. The Indians of the American Plains lost a lot from the impact of the white men. They were punished for something they did not

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