Comparison Of Hamlet And Ophelia

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“Love can be uncertain, but true: The story of Hamlet and Ophelia” Love is a feeling difficult to understand. In fact no one exactly knows what does it mean to be in love. Some argue that being in love is feeling butterflies in the stomach and being constantly thinking about someone special. In my opinion, to love someone means to care for them and show respect at all times. In this play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, love is portrayed between the main character, Hamlet and the dear Ophelia. Even though their bond eventually breaks apart, I believe their love was true. I do not think Hamlet ever stopped loving Ophelia. It was the circumstances that forced him to take her out of his life. Ophelia was Hamlet’s one and only true love. “He hath, my lord, of late made many tenders. Of his affection to me.” ( ) Are Ophelia's words to her father, Polonius, when she first found out that Hamlet felt some sort of affection towards her. This is the primary proof of Hamlet’s love. He did not keep it to himself, because his love was that strong that he was looking for something more concrete, than just a simply affair. As Ophelia stated it in the play, Hamlet surrounded her with love and complete honor. He spoke to her with “all the holy vows of heaven” . Which resembles his delicacy and effort …show more content…

Polonius did not approved any kind of affection between Hamlet and Ophelia. In his eyes, Hamlet is an unfaithful man, whose words are panderers. According to him, Ophelia deserves someone better. Based on his beliefs, he asked Ophelia to deny Hamlet’s love. This decision began to create a sense of uncertainty, between Hamlet and Ophelia. As the play progresses, there are a few confrontations, where Hamlet seems to hate Ophelia, as his manners are not of proper use towards a lady. However, this does not necessarily means that he stopped loving her. Hamlet simply could not bear with the plentiful life deceptions that he was

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