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5. Lowlife love (Eiji Uchida) Tetsuo is a film director who had a mild success with a film he shot some years ago, but has not produced anything from that point on and his life is in shambles. He is 39-year-old, he still lives with his parents and sister in a small house and is in constant lack of money. His miniscule income comes from some overpriced acting lessons he gives to a number of students he has promised to include in his next film, and from shooting AV videos that he sells via his assistant named Yoshihiko to some Yakuza. Eventually, hope appears in front of him in the faces of two new students: Minami, a timid and naive girl who wants to be an actress and Ken, a script writer. Both of them appear to be extremely talented and Tetsuo believes he will be finally…show more content…
One of the most hilarious scenes of the film takes place in Kaede’s room, where she keeps a picture of Tetsuo’s head in the wall, occasionally writing her opinion of him on it. 4. Anti-Porn (Sion Sono) "Anti-Porn" is quite difficult to describe, since the borders between fantasy and reality, and past and present are almost non-existent. In that fashion, the film starts with Kyoko, a famous novel writer and artist, who wakes up in a studio bursting with yellow color, except the toilet that is vividly red. There is obviously something wrong with her, as she starts to rave about anything that comes to her mind, without actually making sense, like when she shouts “I am a virgin and a whore.” Things become even more frantic when her assistant, Noriko enters the studio. She seems to be utterly subservient to Kyoko, who treats her as harshly as possible, both psychologically and physically. A little later, an editor and a photographer arrive, along with their three assistants, all of which are extravagantly dressed, not to mention that two of the assistants wear

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