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Lust for Blood By having the ability to control oneself and their particular desires in different situations, it can conflict with their appearance. In the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, Count Dracula is conflicted between the ability to control himself in his emotions and desires while having to keep his own idea of his abilities, appearances, and personality. As Dracula is put through multiple situations where he can no longer restrain himself is then put to show his true image of himself. Although Dracula tries to limit himself his self-image conflicts with his self control leading to him becoming a bloodthirsty vampire. On the way to Count Dracula’s castle there are noticeable factors that are portrayed. As Count Dracula starts off as very humble due to his ability in controlling …show more content…

Now his true ability’s, appearance, and personality well be expressed. From the article “The Vampire as Trickster Figure in Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, Beth E. McDonald explains that Dracula is a figure “thrown back upon primitive, undisciplined appetites”(Radin, Primative Man 337), “Dracula shows the same characteristics in his appetite for blood”(138). Just like a child in front of dessert, but told not to eat it. There is only so much restraint that child can have before it indulges in the dessert. The same circumstances are with Dracula except for blood symbolizes his survival and euphoria “The blood is life!” as Dr. Seward quotes Renfield. Harker wakes up one day to find Dracula asleep but looks younger, sleeker, and blood trickling down the corners of his mouth. This signifies the beast has been released, whatever control there was left is now gone and now only his appearance of a blood sucking hound is illustrated. While Harker is told not to leave his room he does and falls asleep, in which the attack of three female vampires on

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