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The play Macbeth by Shakespeare is a play about a couple who is power hungry. They receive some news from three witches about Macbeth being king, this drives the couple insane. Throughout the play peer pressure is shown by Lady Macbeth pushing Macbeth to his limits to fulfill the prophecies and earn the throwe. In the beginning of the play is where the first example of peer pressure is shown. Lady Macbeth pushes Macbeth to kill King duncan so that he can replace him on the throne. They plan to get everyone drunk and then make it look like the guards killed them. While the plan is in motion Macbeth starts to think that they should go through with it. Lady Macbeth says, “Was the hope drunk, where in you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since?”.(1.7.36-37). In that quote Lady Macbeth was talking about how Macbeth doesn’t seem so sure about this idea even though he …show more content…

After she read the letter that her husband addressed to her she said, "Hurry home so I can twist your thinking with my sharp words toward the obstacles that stand in the way of your crowning, a rise to greatness that destiny and the witches have promised" (I.V.24-29). She had a sneaky plan to murder King Duncan. Lady Macbeth didn’t see a problem or anything wrong with killing King Duncan; she only saw it as a way to gain more power and a way to take over the throne. Lady Macbeth called upon the evil supernatural spirits to help get her in the frame of mind to peer pressure Macbeth into doing what she wants and says. She said, "Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe topful of direst cruelty. " (I.V.30-33). In that quote Lady Macbeth is basically telling the evil spirits to fill her with negative and violent thoughts. To give her murderous thoughts and to make her less like a women and more manly. This is so she can do these acts by herself and she still won’t feel any

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