Personal Narrative: A Little Girl

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I’ve been watching her ever since she was a little girl. She was always sweet and so innocent. She never wanted unnecessary attention. A nice, humble girl who would always take some food and some other useful things from people without them noticing. When caught, she would always say it’s for her sick and old grandmother. Smiling, well-mannered girl always on a way to help her grandmother. Who wouldn’t believe her, right? Well I didn’t. I would follow her in the woods many times but I always seem to lose my eyes of her. After many years, I finally came up with a great plan. I heard a story about magic hood owned by a witch who lived in the other part of this wood. This hood would help you find whoever you want just when the person you want…show more content…
Little house in the middle of nowhere. I see an old rocking chair on the porch, it probably belongs to grandma just like this house. I mean it must, right? Who else lives so far away of the civilization. I dear to come closer. I hear nothing but my own footsteps. I pushed the door and I entered the house. It was dark inside even though there were candles lit everywhere. As I went further my eyes were getting use to the darkness and I started to make out some weird shapes on the walls. I came closer to see what those weird things were. They were big, soft, and moist. So moist that I could feel some excess stayed on my fingers. I rubbed this thick slime with my fingers. Then I smelted it, the strong smell of blood was difficult to miss from up close. I used my hands to feel the rest of this this hanging from the wall. Now I saw everything clearly. It was a skin. I couldn’t believe it. What happened here and where is this stupid little girl?! Suddenly I felt present behind me and this sweet flower sent. The rest of the candles lit up by them self and now I could see not only grandma’s skin but also many other kinds of skins all over the place. She is behind me, I can feel it. Now I know, she was waiting for me all along. She wanted me to be her final trophy. And here I am right where she wanted me to be. It’s getting colder. I close my eyes and I wait for her next

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