Personal Narrative: Girl By Jamaica

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As the final bell rings everyone scatters out of their classrooms and runs to where they are picked up at the end of the day. For me that spot was the bus stop. When I come to the loop I find myself a shady spot and take a seat with my back resting on a metal beam. I take a look at my phone, like everyone in society these days, and wait for my bus to arrive. Soon my friends come to join me and we laughed and joked about how the day went and which teacher gave the most homework or what couple ended it and made a big scene in the hallway. My parents never told me to gossip but it was always fun to talk about the news around school. When the bus finally picks me up and drops me off, I still have a long walk back to my house in the heat of the …show more content…

I then head down stairs one by one and head towards the kitchen to fix myself a snack. After I wash my plate, cup, and silver ware like my mother always told me.” Turn the water on very hot, and use lots of dish soap”. I guess hot water kills more germs. After I dry my dishes I put each item away in it designated spot. Next I run upstairs and get started on my homework because I knew I could play outside if I finished early enough.
In the short poem Girl by Jamaica Kincaid, her words highlight her younger years being filled with lessons and advice on how her mother wanted her to live and act in society. My parents at a young age gave me life lessons along my journey to adult hood such as how cook , how to clean , how to catch fish, how to tie a knot so I don’t lose the fish, how to stand up for someone else, how to stand up for myself, when to stand up for myself. My parents always said “don’t start a fight but you sure should end one”.
I may not be the tallest or strongest and some would say those words are what describe a “man”. My parents would say look deeper find out what makes a person who they are. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Read it and make your opinion based on what you’ve read. In today’s society many people make assumptions on someone’s look or appearance. That’s a bad character trait and sadly most of society carry

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