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The main causes of World War One Introduction World War One also abbreviated with the name WW1… A lot of people have different points of view on what happened before, during and after World War one… But the real question is: “What are the main causes for the beginning of World War One?” and what are the main words to describe what happened at the beginning of world war one. The main words are: Militarism Alliances Nationalism Imperialism Assassination Militarism A german historian who served for World war one defined militarism as the: “domination of the military man over the civilian, an undue preponderance of military demands, an emphasis on military considerations”. Germany during World war one was the most military prepared nation in case of a start of World War one. Germany was also printing a lot of propagandistic pages about how the nation was powerfull …show more content…

This was the map of Europe alliances until the beginning of World War one and is a secondary source because it have been printed after the time of the event. Nationalism Nationalism is a patriotic feeling for principles or efforts. Nationalistic propaganda was the most used method to convince the population of a defined state to go and join the army to go to war. Nationalism gave citizens excessive confidence in their nation, their governments and their military strength. It assured them that their country was fair, righteous and without blame. The british were the most nationalistic state in Europe during World War one. They're pride was that they were able to maintain a constant and powerful country through more than 300 years. Nationalism is also a military way to honour and love the flag. This is a cartoon demonstrating nationalism and is a secondary source because it was not printed at the time of the

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