Major Issues In The Founding Brothers By Joseph Ellis

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In the Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis he writes about major events in history that define who America is and how we came to be. Ellis writes about all of the challenges and hardships that the Founding Fathers faced while settling the new government in America. He focuses mostly on main characters in who played a prominent role including, George Washington, James Madison, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams. This novel focus on the primary aspects in deciding the new American government and the struggles that the founding Fathers ran into to. Along with many other issues that came with wars, the British, or the citizens. The first issue that is presented is the fact of the Revolutionary …show more content…

This issue with slavery in this time is that many people in the South had already had slaves and they would use them to help with the cotton and crops and everything that people did not want to do themselves. So since people had already had slaves the government could not just come in and say that it is not allowed and that they must let them go because in this time the slaves were being owned. In 1790 Quakers decided they were done with this so they sent delegates to represent them in the House of Representatives to put an end to slave trade. Ellis talks about how when the South saw these petitions they were adamant that the concern be unnoticed and pushed away because they did not want anything to change for them down in the South and they wanted to keep it the way it was. Though the Southern Representative did not want for this to happen they were overruled by Benjamin Franklin who signed his name on the petition to end the slavery that had been going around. This was one of the moments where the people of America did not lose hope in there government but took pride because they saw a change. Now some change is good if it follows the right morals, but what the people in today’s society are trying to change has gotten out of hand. Ellis also mention how it can be noticed that the government officials had always talked about slavery behind closed doors and that they did not speak openly about it. This was so that they did not upset any of the Southern states that may affect there voting next time. This was very smart on there part because they knew that those types of comments may affect the way that people saw

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