Era Of Good Feelings Essay

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The Era of Not So Good Feelings Many historians label the period after the War of 1812 as the “Era of Good Feelings” but it certainly did not seem that way towards many others. This so called “Era of Good Feelings” dealt with the extension of slavery and the differing views on that subject between the North and the South, the American System that helped the United States industrialize and expand but led the country from nationalism to new sectionalism views; thus causing tensions to rise. Slavery had been protracted since the 1600s and with the extension of slavery and many differing views from both the Northerners and Southerners, it became a huge issue. Northerners opposed the extension of slavery because of the 3/5 Compromise which provided unfair representation to slave states compared to the northern states. Even though it seemed that the Northerners opposed slavery, it wasn’t about the wickedness of it, it was mainly because of the unfair representation in the House of Representatives. In 1820 Jefferson expressed his troubles with John Randolph claiming that with the expansion into the Louisiana Purchase, he had to …show more content…

With the emergence of Jackson as President, the Union evolved from the First Party System to a Second Party System. Like with the unity between the states, Republicans had also lost their unity; thus forming the Second Party System. This was where more and more people were getting interested in politics and wanted involvement in the political system due to competing views on issues. This created a Jacksonian Democratic Party and a competing Whig Party, led by Henry Clay. The split from a once party system to a two party system represents the first steps of the Union falling from nationalism to

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