Malcolm X Dbq Essay

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“America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem,” remarked Malcolm X in this Letter from Mecca in April of 1964 (“Malcolm, X” 1). For the longest time, Malcolm X believed that there was no way White Americans and African Americans could get along as one. He was against everything Martin Luther King Jr. would preach as a civil rights leader. This letter showed an unbelievable change in the man he was and had been previous to his pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca. Everything he once believed had completely been wiped away. He had seen hope at the end of the tunnel. He believed if White Americans accepted the oneness of God that then perhaps, too, those men could accept the reality, oneness of mankind (“Malcolm, X” 2). Seeing races from all over the world came together as one was a sight unseen to Malcolm X’s eyes. The city of Mecca had inspired Malcolm X to change his views, to understand everything he was preaching under the influence of …show more content…

The letter written to his followers showed the person he became. A new person had been reborn during this pilgrimage. He had seen hope that he had never thought could be possibly. When in reality there was a whole alternative scenario that had a way of happening. Islam was the answer to all the problems. It was the one thing that stood in the clear. If the acceptance of Islam spread through America all of the problems the Africans were facing with the White Americans would be gone. The African Americans would be saved from the horrified moments many of their ancestors had faced through the

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