Man Of La Mancha Analysis

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Man of La Mancha

If one man does not fit into society, he must respect those who do and their way of life. Society must also accommodate this individual to the best of its ability, so that he can pursue the life he desires to pursue. In this way, society demonstrates respect for all individual’s right to live as individuals as long as that individual respects the rights and freedoms of others. Society should be supportive of minorities while at the same time not restricting the lives of normal citizens

Through imagination, individuals can express ideas thoughts and desires freely without criticism. Through imagination we can truly discover ourselves. Once we have a true understanding of ourselves we can formulate realistic goals from …show more content…

This Dulcenia is his drive and his motivation in life. With this drive and passion, he can do anything and accomplish anything. However, if this man resides more in his mind than on earth, he will accomplish nothing. Once a man realizes that he has lived most of his life in his dreams rather than reality, he will choose to continue the rest of his life in his dreams to avoid despair. I agree with the padre when he says this and think that our dreams are effective motivators but they need to be supplemented with action to make them …show more content…

Realism is the practice or attitude of accepting a situation as it is, and being prepared to deal with it accordingly. In the play the main character, don Quixote struggles to see reality because he lives most of his life in his view of the ideal world. Because of this choice Don Quixote strays farther and farther from reality and cannot bear to see what he has become when forced to see himself as he actually is. Regardless of the negative aspects that pursuing idealism can cause, I feel that it does have a positive impact on individuals as

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