Manija Being Assaulted In The Home By Kerriyonna

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On Monday (4/2/2018), the reporter recieved a phone call about Manija being assaulted in the home by Kerriyonna. It was stated that Kerriyonna's father held Manija down while Kerriyonna assaulted her (Manija). Kerriyonna told her parents (Catrice & Kerry) that either she or Manija goes. Manija is no longer at the home. Catrice has guardianship over Manija. That's why Manija lives with her. Manija is not at the home. She has been staying with her grandfather (Ronnie) since Monday or Tuesday. Ronnie went to CPS and they gave him the toll-free number for the hotline. He spoke with a supervisor and they said to call in a report so they can go out and investigate. Ronnie can't read or write. He couldn't read the supervisor's name out to the reporter. …show more content…

Kerriyonna told the reporter she won't tell her anything and she has to talke with Catrice. The great-aunt (Mary) and possibly Kenya went to the home to see what was going on. Kerry told them to get the "f" away from his home. He was really made and used foul language. According to the reporter, Kerriyonna is extremely grown and rude. Manija said she was in the room and went to or was called in the kitchen. Manija is called Sadie. Catrice said let me have talk with you Sadie. Catrice asked her if she wanted to be there. Manija said yes I guess and what's wrong. Kerriyonna said let me block her number and I don't do her (Manija). Kerry said block her damn number. He said she (Manija) is a low down dirty bitch; she something else with herself. Manija said she hadn't did anything. Then, Kerryionna hit her in the face. When she was about to hit back, Kerry held her down. Manija said this isn't the first time they have jumped on her. It's unknown what Catrice did during the incident. The assumes she mean they all jumped on her. The reporter tried to call everybody phone but it was either dead or just ring to

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