Marek And Clyde's Struggles Essay

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The Struggles of Two Some people might think their life is bad but think of all the other people that go through the same struggle. Marek and Clyde both struggled with their families at a young age and it led the to do other activities that aren’t good. Marek got involved with his parents problems, which caused him to start doing his own stuff. He hung out with his two friends a lot and got involved in their problems. Clyde started his own problems because he didn’t have anybody to tell him what to do. While Marek and Clyde live their lives involved with similar families and robberies, the outcome of their lives ended different. Although Marek and Clyde seemed successful by themselves, their families live a similar life because they both grew up in a lower class family. Marek had to do a lot of illegal tasks the keep himself and family in good health. “Marek grew up in a poorer environment and his mother and step father involved themselves in drug smuggling and it somewhat reflected on Marek a little bit. They pushed Marek into doing tasks for and with them that he didn’t want to do.” Marek managed to help his family and…show more content…
They struggled with their lives trying to keep them where they should be. “Marek and his two friends got involved in robberies and they had been friends for almost their whole lives. They have always been there for each other and never let each other down.” They started these robberies, because they spent so much time around others who did these same crimes. Clyde didn 't have a whole lot in life and didn’t have a lot of people watching out for him. “Clyde started crimes at a young age, and went on a 2 year long crime spree, that spanned several states. His partner Bonnie which he met while at a restaurant, followed through with the crimes.” Although they all dealt with many struggles they managed to get through
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