Margaret Sanger's Arguments Against Teenage Birth Control

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Teenage Birth Control Rights

Activist Margaret Sanger coins the term birth control, opens first birth control clinic in
Brownsville, Brooklyn, and starts the American Birth Control League. A lot of women and young teens are now using some type of contraceptive. Teens struggle with the way they communicate with their parents when it comes to talking about their sexual life. Young girls should be allowed to decide whether they want to get on birth control or not without parental consent. Getting on Birth Control at an early age can prevent and unwanted pregnancy or an STD.

Teen Pregnancy is on the rise today. Parents play a big role with this because it can be caused by many reasons. For example communicating with their children at a …show more content…

Parents should always be able to prepare their teens for the worst no matter how uncomfortable the situation might be.
While parents are more worried of keeping their health private, I think teens would like to have those rights too when it comes to something personal like deciding about their sexual life.
Medical health Centers should allow young teens to make their own decision when it comes to their personal sexual life and non-threating issues. Allowing young teens to decide for themselves not only creates them to be responsible for their actions but also to boost of confidence when talking to a doctor. Some teens don’t always tell the doctor everything because they know the moment they tell something their parents will know.
Teens have the same rights as adults. So why can’t they be treated as one when it comes down to helping them make the right choice when they need to be aware of what surrounds them. Making teens immune to responsibility can cause a lot of damage when they become adults. this is why I think teens should not need any parental consent from their parents when it comes to

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