The Negative Effects Of Peer Pressure

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PEER PRESSURE Peer pressure, a term that may or may not have affected you when you were a teenager but as a teenager myself, peer pressure has definitely made an impact on my life, be it good and bad. In the age of 10 to 19, teenagers tend to have the most difficult times. Teenagers feel peer pressure everyday in their lives, whether it’s in school or outside. During the teenage period, teens try to find their identity and differentiate from their parents by joining peer groups and sometimes these peer groups may offer bad advices and negative choices to teens. In this essay I will argue that peer pressure is not good for self-development based on my researches and understandings. As a teenager myself, I believe that every teen will face a form of peer pressure growing up, whether it’s negative or positive. Loneliness and desire for acceptance often drives students to give in to negative peer pressure. We often hear about the dangers of peer pressure and its effect to teens. One of the negative effects is losing their interest in their hobbies. Teenagers who resort to peer pressure will conform to the opinions of their peers as they value what their peers think of them more. For example, a teenage girl wants to join the math club but is hesitant to do so as she is afraid of what her peers may think of her, a math geek or a nerd. Deciding to give up on her interests, she has given in to peer pressure. From this, the true interests and hobbies of

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