Social Blindness In Anthem By Ayrn Rand

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Authorial figures for many years, in many countries have been brain-washing citizens. Social blindness, technology, and individuality all have to do with a society becoming totally blind. The societies do not understand that their so-called "leaders" who run their country are indoctrinating their lives. A society becomes blind by authorial figures brainwashing citizens into thinking all the wrong attributes are right, thus leading to a society with bigger problems than before.
To begin, social blindness is a way humans become blind-folded to the worldly, economic problems in the world. This problem of social blindness is not only displayed in the book, by Ayrn Rand, Anthem, but also in the modern-day country of North Korea. In the documentary …show more content…

In the article, "American Dystopia more reality than fiction", it states that the author, Rebecca Solnit's phone today is 58 times faster than IBM's fastest mainframe computer in 1964. The world is getting to a point where as a society, everyone relies heavily on technology. If phones, laptops, and the other everyday electronics were taken away by the government, this generation would not be able to survive, because of the way they have been raised. That is exactly what a dystopian, socially blind society looks like. A society too heavily reliant on man made things. With technology comes knowledge, which comes power. In the documentary about North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader, takes societies technology away. Without the technology, they must rely on the supreme leaders to relay information back to them. Thus, leading the citizens to believe anything the so-called leader says is true. Meaning that the leaders could and will tell the citizens whatever they please. This is how no technology influences citizens and makes it easier for leading, authorial figures to brainwash …show more content…

In an article from Scholastic it states, " Say you're sitting around with some friends playing video games and someone mentions a game, that happens to be your favorite. They say, oh that game's easy, so not worth the time. The others agree. Inwardly you know that it is a game you enjoy a lot, but don't want to cause a scene, so you stay silent." That is a prime example of peer pressure. As a society this relates to social blindness because if enough people do something dumb, other people follow because they don’t want to stand out or be punished. This advances to social anxiety, a lot of people struggle with this because of peer pressure and the fear of standing out. In the episode of Brain Games about peer pressure, the people have no clue what's going on, so they just follow what everyone's doing, without asking questions. This relates back to a socially blind society because people move into or are born into a society not knowing how it works. They don’t ask questions, they just go with the flow and get brainwashed. This is the formula for a society becoming socially blind. Thus, resulting in peer pressure being a factor in socially brainwashed

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