Marie-Laure Study Guide

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Q : What does Werner’s favorite radio program talk about? A : It talks about light : eclipses, sundials, auroras and wavelengths. Q : What is the name of the book Marie-Laure receives for her eleventh birthday? A : Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Q : What does Marie-Laure love to add to her coffee? A : Multiple spoons of sugar. Q : According to Aronnax, what are the proper ways to pursue a mystery? A : Logic, reason and pure science. Q : A vice minister and his wife come to visit the Children’s House. What are the children hoping? A : The children are hoping that maybe they are considering adopting. Q : Where did Werner find the book The Principles of Mechanics? A : He found it in the church basement. …show more content…

A : She tells the vice-minister that Werner is very good at mathematics. Q : Marie-Laure is troubled by rumors. What are these rumors about? A: They are about the Germans arriving in Paris. Q : What is Marie-Laure’s father’s opinion about the takeover of Austria? A : He thinks there is nothing to worry about. Q : True or false : Marie-Laure read her book so many times she practically memorized it. A : True. Q : Complete the sentence : «Membership in the State Youth becomes (...)» A : «mandatory». Q : What are the boys taught in Werner’s Kameradschaften? A : The boys are taught parade maneuvers and fitness standards. Q : What did Werner invent? A : A machine to slice carrots. Q : After some time, what is Werner’s new nickname? A : The “radio repairman”. Q : Which city is Werner dreaming

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