Marijuana Effects On Public Health Essay

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It is important to recognize the possible negative impacts of widespread use on public health and safety so that effective regulatory policies can be written. Because the mental impairment caused by the drug THC is well known, it will be non-controversial to legislate against “driving while stoned” and use of marijuana while on the job. However, secondhand smoke presents another way for increased marijuana use to harm public health that may be less obvious to policy makers. (Matthew) Marijuana has several effects on the cardiovascular system. for example, smoking marijuana is associated with a dose-dependent increase in the resting heart rate of 20% to 100%. Blood pressure is typically increased in the supine position, and postural hypotension, which is often symptomatic, is common. Overall, there is a net increase in myocardial oxygen demand with a decrease in oxygen supply, which is due in part to an increase in carboxyhemoglobin.There are several reports of myocardial infarction occurring in close proximity to marijuana use in otherwise low-risk individuals. (Murray #1) There was an analysis which involved 3,882…show more content…
There were Thirty-four publications that met selection criteria. Reports were classified as challenge studies if they examined the association between short-term marijuana use and airway response; other reports were classified as studies of long-term marijuana smoking and pulmonary function or respiratory complications. Eleven of 12 challenge studies found an association between short-term marijuana administration and bronchodilation. No consistent association was found between long-term marijuana smoking and airflow obstruction measures. All 14 studies that assessed long-term marijuana smoking and respiratory complications noted an association with increased respiratory symptoms, including cough, phlegm, and wheeze. Studies were variable in their overall quality.

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