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  • Persuasive Essay On The Use Of Marijuana

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    To some people, it’s a relaxing herb, something to temporarily pull the mind off reality. Others view it as a harmful drug with numerous side effects. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis or weed, is one of the most controversial drugs worldwide. It comes from the Indian hemp plant, and the part that contains the “drug” is found primarily in the flowers. When sold, it is a mixture of dried out leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the hemp plant; it is usually green, brown or gray in color. With a few

  • Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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    that lead to the presence of various point of views and sometimes to conflicts and quarrels. The most trending and prevailing issue in Lebanon today is the legalization of cannabis. Some people show their support and approval for the cultivation of hashish while others still consider it as an outlawed act and all the cannabis dealers should be arrested. However, many countries have decriminalized the ownership of lands planted with weeds, like, India, Colombia, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay

  • Definition Of Cannabis

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    dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is the least effective of the cannabis product and is usually smoked. • Hashish: it is made from the secreted gum of the cannabis plant, it is dehydrated and pressed into small blocks and smoked, and it can be also added to food and eaten. • Hash oil: The most powerful cannabis product, it is thick oil obtained from hashish, and it is also smoked. • Also Cannabis is used for medical treatment, as entertaining and relaxant. Cannabis use: Cannabis

  • Marijuana Argumentative Essay

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    To some people, it’s a relaxing herb, something to temporarily pull the mind off reality. Others view it as a harmful drug with numerous side effects. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis or weed, is one of the most controversial drugs worldwide. It comes from the Indian hemp plant, and the part that contains the “drug” is found primarily in the flowers. When sold, it is a mixture of dried out leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the hemp plant; it is usually green, brown or gray in color. With a few

  • Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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    Janelle Munoz Mrs.Mendez English II 2 March 2018 Legalizing Marijuana When will marijuana be legalized just like alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs? In this modern day, people are smoking marijuana like never before they don’t care if it’s not legalized. Many people break the law because of marijuana, why not just legalize and make it less of a problem? If they legalize it they can make the same law with alcohol, where you can’t buy it until you’re 21 years old. Alcohol has been proven that

  • Kaempferia Galanga Case Study

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    Kaempferia galanga Linn. (Family: Zingiberaceae) is distributed mainly in South East Asia and China (Sala, 1995). K. galanga is considered as a main ingredient of many traditional Ayurvedic drug preparations in Asian countries (Ibemhal et al; 2012). Essential oil extracted from rhizome is volatile (Wong et al., 1992) and is used as a spice and also used in beverage, perfume and cosmetic industries for its aroma and flavor (Arambewela and Silva, 1999). Its leaves and flowers contain flavonoids (Ghani

  • Sir Eustace Grey Analysis

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    The Romantic period is one of the most celebrated periods in the history of literature as it is in this period that imagination, inspiration and nature were given the maximum importance and upheld as themes. However the use of ‘opium’ plays a vital role as many of the authors used it, with or without the knowledge of its side effect. Opium was often prescribed as medicine, given that; it was almost two centuries before when there was not much advancement in medicine. If a person used opium they are

  • Disadvantages Of E Cigarettes

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    While the use of the e-cigarettes or vape nowadays had increasing aggressively as an alternatives of smoking and even to stop smoking is actually unreasonable.And what worsen more is what social justify and think about the vape are . They themselves claimed that vape is safe and good alternatives in order to stop smoking eventhough the effect , ingredients used are still under research . While many campaign against e-cigarettes had been done , its still not enough and success to educate people as

  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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    According to Bernie Sanders, “It is time to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. It is time to end the arrest of so many people and the destruction of so many lives for possessing marijuana”. This argument is important because marijuana is considered a "gateway drug," which has not been scientifically proven. Many people have tried marijuana or at least know someone who has attempted to smoke weed. A person most likely does not know as much as they think they know about what it is or the effects

  • Utilitarianism In Medical Marijuana

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    Recently the use of medical marijuana has become a very controversial topic among the community and government. Marijuana has a stereotype with hippies and drug offences, often leading to its medical benefits being overlooked consequently marijuana is only rarely given to patients with extreme conditions. It is not being used efficiently as well as not being used to its potential. Several states in Australia still consider the use of medical marijuana a prohibited act and the few states and territories

  • Isodon Lab Report

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    1. Introduction Isodon is widely distributed and important genus of the family Lamiaceae. Various diterpenoids with diverse structures had shown antibacterial, antiinflammatory and antitumor activities.1 Isodon wightii (Bentham) H. Hara is a perennial herb commonly distributed in Western Ghats, South India up to 8000 feet. Ent-kaurene diterpenoid, melissoidesin isolated from the leaves showed antioxidant, antiacetylcholinesterase, cytotoxic and anticarcinogenic activities.2-3 In vitro mass multiplication

  • Essay On Khadi Movement

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    INTRODUCTION Cotton, wool or silk fibres are turned into yarn by hand spinning and the weaving of the same yarn is done on handloom thus the fabric is known as Khadi. The hand spinning and hand weaving is the age old technologies practised in India for producing exclusive fabrics. The term Khadi was given to these fabrics by Mahatma Gandhi during freedom movement. In 18th century the inventions of steam engines, spinning machines and power loom brought revolution in cotton textile industry. These

  • Summary Of George Bierson's Marijuana, The Deceptive Drug Essay

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    Legalize It In 2000, George Bierson’s "Marijuana, the Deceptive Drug", was published by the Massachusetts News. Bierson concludes that marijuana is harmful in many ways, including brain damage, damage to the reproductive system, and weakening of the immune system. He also attempts to convince the reader that marijuana is a "gateway drug" that leads the users to venture into much harder drugs. I believe that research to support anything can be found if one is looking hard enough, but that the fallacy

  • Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization

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    Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance in the United States. More than half of American adults have tried using marijuana at least once in their life. You may have read or heard stories on how marijuana use was mostly linked to people who were very vocal with their opinions. Seeing their favorite performers during a live concert may have been the start of the spreading of this illegal drug which has caused so many lives. When experts found out

  • Disadvantages Of Bulletproof Coffee

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    BULLETPROOF COFFEE. Bulletproof coffee could sound like ammunition like coffee or coffee that is proof to bullets but not so. A bullet is a small metal object that is fired from a gun, cylindrical in shape and sometimes containing explosives. The word bulletproof coffee could have been inspired by the shape of the coffee beans used in the producing of the coffee itself but far from the gun bullet as it were. This is a type of coffee that is branded consisting of some upgraded black coffee beans

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marijuana

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    AN ANNALYSIS OF THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MARIJUANA ON PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH INTRODUCTION Over the past years our society has been ignorant the effects of marijuana as they have limited knowledge about this hemp. People often judge weed smokers around the world, reason being that the government says they can, but they need to be able to view issues from both perspectives. Marijuana is defined by the English dictionary as the dried leaves and flowers of a hemp plant which can be smoked

  • Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

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    Studies have found that energy drinks have serious damage to humans. Energy drinks have no restorative advantage, and numerous fixings are unstudied and not directed. Caffeinated drinks contain ingredients that can really hurt and harm your body. Energy drink gives you an extra energy and it’s not help you. In addition, energy drinks have two main elements which is sugar and caffeine, the most unsafe medication found in most caffeinated beverages is ephemera. Ephemera can bring about genuine heart

  • Should Cigarettes And Other Tobacco Products Be Banned?

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    Should Cigarettes and other tobacco products be banned? Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use today. About 1.1 billion people smoke every day. They may feel that smoking brings them a sense of pleasure, helps them relax or relieve anxiety. However it is widely known that smoking causes harmful effect to the human body and increases the risk of countless health problems. Smoking is a classy way to commit suicide. In my opinion tobacco products should be prohibited by government

  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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    Jean Paul Balzac Ms. Seijo English 10 4 February 2014 Marijuana In 1919, alcohol was made illegal across the United States with the goal to better people’s lives and make society safer. During the fourteen years that the prohibition lasted, crime rate nearly doubled, unemployment rose, and tax revenue decreased. Eventually the ban on alcohol was repealed because of its negative impact on the economy and society. Now fast forward to the year 2015, where a common substance known as marijuana is

  • Recycling Of Recycling

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    The Mind Altering Effect of Marijuana Bob Marley once said,”Herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction!” The states are all over the place with marijuana some legalized it, some want to, and some oppose the debate is real and marijuana is a huge debate right now!The legalization isn’t the big deal i think its more about the way it helps people and makes the atmosphere better overall. On the flip side parents don’t want the youth involved in smoking marijuana for many reasons such