Legality of cannabis by country Essays

  • Persuasive Speech On Legalizing Marijuana

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    flowers of cannabis sativa. When I was younger I used to believe that speaking positively about Marijuana, makes you look like a bad personage or either worse, a criminal. This opinion was based on the false information media produced and on the government laws of my country. However, by enhancing my knowledge, I have decided that cannabis offers so much to humanity, that not only it has many benefits, it has to be legalized. The beneficiary development of the economy, the helpful cannabis medicine

  • Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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    Imagine having an incurable disease and no way to cope with the pain, well this is the case for many Americans and their problems can be solved with marijuana. Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado it has decreased the amount of opioid related deaths. Medical marijuana has many great attributes such as its ability to safely and effectively help people with symptoms of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and epilepsy. There are many non smoked ways to consume marijuana, such as in cooking

  • Essay On Light Therapy

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    The light has been used for centuries to treat various types of diseases. Light therapy has evolved into one of the healthiest for depression treatment options. Is it really a great option to treat depression? Are there side effects of light therapy? Keep reading to know more. Light therapy is an established treatment with rare side effects that different kinds of light used to treat various conditions. The successful implementation of the light therapy requires knowing the principles of chronobiology

  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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    United States that on the long run could have been easily avoided. Countries in different parts of the world and some states within the United States have already legalized marijuana and they have all shown positive outcomes out of their decisions. Although marijuana is illegal in majority of the states, legalizing marijuana for recreational use would bring about social and economical reforms that would help deter crime in the country, increase the amount of money the government makes, and also help

  • Argumentative Essay About Marijuana

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    Marijuana is one of the most common drugs in the world and it comes from a special plant known as Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana has become commonly known by other names such as weed, pot, Mary Jane, ganja, grass, cannabis and many others. National Institute of Drug Abuse. 2013. What is marijuana?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 08 January 15]. It can have many side effects and the longer you use the drug the more damage

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Marijuana

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    marijuana and had already set a perception of it; it is shown by the severe punishment given to citizens who uses marijuana. Some countries allow the usage of marijuana; e.g. possession of marijuana in the range of 3-15 grams are considered legal, granting permission to grow marijuana on a certain scale, and the minimum age to use marijuana; yet, there are some countries that forbid the usage of

  • Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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    Jafer Shah Teegarden-A Legalizing Marijuana In the United States, “marijuana”, is classified as a Schedule 1 Drug. A Schedule 1 Drug is a drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse. The drug or other substance also has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Over the past years marijuana research has shown that this plant has many medicinal benefits. Some states have already legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. The government in the

  • Negative Effects Of Medical Marijuana

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    chemical in marijuana, responsible for most of the intoxicating effects that people seek, is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Tet·ra·hy·dro·can·nab·i·nol) (THC). The chemical is found in resin produced by the leaves and buds primarily of the female cannabis plant. The plant also contains more than 500 other chemicals, including more than 100 compounds that are chemically related to THC, called cannabinoids.” (NIDA) Marijuana can be life savers for some people but for others it can be the end of a peaceful

  • Persuasive Essay On The War On Drugs

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    Despite an estimated $1 trillion spent by the United States on the “War on Drugs”, statistics from the US Department of Justice (2010) has confirmed that the usage of drugs has not changed over the past 10 years. Approximately $350 billion is spent per year on the “war on drugs”, only $7 billion is spent on prevention programs by the federal government. The war on drugs is more heavily focused on how to fight crime, instead of how to prevent it. Crime prevention methods may not be immediate, but

  • Negative Effects Of Medical Marijuana

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    Everyday stereotypes give many people that mindset that marijuana is harmful and will affect your life negatively, but the reality of the situation is exactly the opposite. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a drug grown from the cannabis plant that affects the body and mind in many ways. The main active compounds, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), have many beneficial effects. Public stereotypes and negative, uneducated outlooks have given this drug a bad name throughout time

  • Essay On Erectile Dysfunction

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    VIAGRA Everything you Need to Know about the Most Popular Drug for Treating Erectile Dysfunction Fast and Effectively so that you can get your Groove back Doctor Hilary Tony Copyright@2017 TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Viagra (sildenefil) is a blue pill that helps to relax the muscles that are present in the walls of the blood vessels and helps to increase the flow of blood to particular regions of the body Viagra is used for treating erectile dysfunction in men and has been responsible

  • Altering Effects Of Marijuana

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    The Mind Altering Effect of Marijuana Bob Marley once said,”Herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction!” The states are all over the place with marijuana some legalized it, some want to, and some oppose the debate is real and marijuana is a huge debate right now!The legalization isn’t the big deal i think its more about the way it helps people and makes the atmosphere better overall. On the flip side parents don’t want the youth involved in smoking marijuana for many reasons such

  • White Oak Bark Research Paper

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    hardly ever heard of it. Herbal medicine recognizes this remedy and claims that it can help with many, many diseases. Herbal medicine also argues that the bark of the white oak (its latin name is Quercus alba which means "good tree") has been in some countries used for centuries and that its possibilities didn't reach its full potential yet. The white oak tree grows in some parts of North Amerca, and it is a tree that is well known for its enormous size (grows tall and spread widely) and longevity (they

  • Medical Marijuana Argumentative Analysis

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    Medical marijuana can help millions of people with diseases and illnesses. There is a receptor, the CB1 receptor, located in the body’s major organs that is targeted by the THC in cannibis. Then the receptor detects the THC and begins to eliminate any pain or dangerous chemicals in the body. This reaction proves that marijuana would be effective if used for medicinal purposes. Cannibis has been shown to reduce the nausea cancer patients experience when treated with chemotherapy. Also, multiple sclerosis

  • Medical Marijuana Benefits

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    In the previous research, I noticed that medical marijuana has been aiding people more than a thousand years and it has been a source of a cure for so many diseases. One of the commonest effects is the pain relief. So many people suffer from different kind of physical pain but mostly old people. It helps them a lot. Another thing is that it has been a helping as part of menstrual inconveniences. Women suffer from this pain and for quite some time. There has not been any cure from this pain but

  • Essay On Marijuana Legalization

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    The legalization of marijuana is an important topic for today’s society because there are multiple uses for it. One is that cannabis can be used as medicine. It has been found to help treat people with a different range of health issues. Marijuana can also be used to bring in more money for the state by having the profits made go toward their government and provide more jobs to citizens. These jobs would involve the production of marijuana and distributing it. Also, legal weed may even be a way to

  • Utilitarianism Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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    Recently the use of medical marijuana has become a very controversial topic among the community and government. Marijuana has a stereotype with hippies and drug offences, often leading to its medical benefits being overlooked consequently marijuana is only rarely given to patients with extreme conditions. It is not being used efficiently as well as not being used to its potential. Several states in Australia still consider the use of medical marijuana a prohibited act and the few states and territories

  • Opium In China

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    The historical backdrop of opium in China started with the utilization of opium for therapeutic purposes amid the seventh century. In the seventeenth century, the act of blending opium with tobacco for smoking spread from Southeast Asia, making a far more prominent request. The role of opium as a commodity in Chinese society during the 1700s will be discussed. The paper explores the roles played by China and the British in the opium wars and the impact the wars had on the relations between Western

  • Speech On Birth Control Pills

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    The Pill seems to be the easiest method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy, but it is also one of the most risky ones. Although natural methods of contraception have at least the same success rate and are a fraction of the cost or free, they are rarely publicized. Despite warnings by an increasing number of health officials about the strong side effects of the drug, it is still regarded as the “best and safest” method of contraception. It is estimated that 150 million women worldwide take birth

  • Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization

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    Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance in the United States. More than half of American adults have tried using marijuana at least once in their life. You may have read or heard stories on how marijuana use was mostly linked to people who were very vocal with their opinions. Seeing their favorite performers during a live concert may have been the start of the spreading of this illegal drug which has caused so many lives. When experts found out