Mark Antony's Development In Julius Caesar

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NAME – AKUL KHANNA PROFESSOR – KANIKA DANG ENGLISH THESIS PAPER DATE -2ND NOVEMBER 2015 MARK ANTONY’S DEVELOPMENT IN JULIUS CEASAR In the year 44 BC the powerful empire of Rome had lost its ruler due to the assassination led by the senators and Julius Caesar’s brother Brutus. Caesar’s death was a huge setback for Rome and its people and the whole empire was in utter chaos. Mark Antony a very noble, loyal and affectionate friend of Caesar. Following Caesar’s demise, Antony sought out to avenge his fallen friend; to defeat Brutus and the other conspirators. However, his endeavour made him the ultimate ruler at the end. He was motivated both by personal desire and love for Caesar. Mark Antony wanted the people to take actions as per his command, he wants more power, and he wanted to defeat the conspirators in order to avenge Caesar death. In the play Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare is able to write the character of Mark Antony in a splendid fashion. The character of Mark Antony develops throughout the play as the play progresses Antony’s love and ambition towards Caesar will change him into a ruthless tyrant as Caesar was before his death. The first reason behind Mark Antony’s motivation to defeat the conspirators is his bond with Caesar. In the…show more content…
As per the rules Brutus will speak first and then Antony is allowed to speak he is also restricted not to blame the senators in any manner. The basic similarity between their speeches is that both wanted to convince the mob in their favour but Antony’s speech scores over Brutus’s speech due to the following reasons, first Brutus biggest failure was that he based his speech on logic and reason which wasn’t enough to persuade the angry mob. Brutus. He is anxious to justify himself. His speech is full of the word "I." He never once mentions Cassius or any of the conspirators in the

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