Mark Antony's Speech Analysis

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NAME – AKUL KHANNA PROFESSOR – KANIKA DANG ENGLISH THESIS PAPER DATE -2ND NOVEMBER 2015 MARK ANTONY’S DEVELOPMENT IN JULIUS CEASAR In the year 44 BC the powerful empire of Rome had lost its ruler due to the assassination led by the senators and Julius Caesar’s brother Brutus. Caesar’s death was a huge setback for Rome and its people and the whole empire was in utter chaos. Mark Antony a very noble, loyal and affectionate friend of Caesar. Following Caesar’s demise, Antony sought out to avenge his fallen friend; to defeat Brutus and the other conspirators. However, his endeavour made him the ultimate ruler at the end. He was motivated both by personal desire and love for Caesar. Mark Antony wanted the people to take actions as per his command, he wants more power, and he wanted to defeat the conspirators in order to avenge …show more content…

He successfully accomplishes his objective of convincing the mob that Brutus is a traitor and the conspirators are at fault. He played with emotions which was the right thing to do rather than applying logic. He used emotional phrases such as, "My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar" and "Oh judgment; thou art fled to brutish beasts". Which allows him to have a connect with the crowds feeling at the death of Caesar .Antony does not let the restriction of going against the conspirators hinder his speech. He begins not by attacking Brutus or the conspirators, but by praising Caesar. His move gives him a greater common ground with the crowd. He provides many examples to prove that Caesar wasn’t ambitious like “I thrice presented him a kingly crown which he did thrice refuse.” Antony continues that Caesar sympathized and felt for the poor: “When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept. Mark Antony manipulates the crowd so that his beliefs become theirs. Antony is ultimately the better orator because of his understanding of the

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