Martin Luther King Jr Archetypes

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Martin Luther King Jr, born in Atlanta, Georgia 1929, was an African American minister at a church. His life growing up was pretty normal with his dad also being a minister for a church and a civil rights activist. He wanted equality for all people regardless of their race. I chose Martin Luther King Jr because he was a popular person that spoke out publicly about equality. He inspires others by encouraging others to stand up for themselves and not back down. He also encouraged others to speak out about racism and equality. Martin Luther King Jr help shape the United States to what it is today. I think Martin Luther King Jr. is mixed with two hero archetypes: one being a perfect hero and the other one being a misfit. He is a perfect hero because because he has good morals. …show more content…

wants people to be treated equally, regardless of race. He also is a perfect hero because he makes the audience feel inspired but makes other people inferior with him. People who he inspires wants equality (usually blacks at this time). They are not happy that they are discriminated just because of their skin color. At that time, the blacks were look down upon. If you were not for equality and you look at this, you would be mad. Why would you want to give up special rights that you had for your whole life? Martin Luther King Jr. is a misfit hero because of his minority race. Blacks did not have the rights that white had. In other words, they are discriminated. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up with his dad, Martin Luther King Sr., being the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and a civil rights leader. This lead to his call to adventure by following his dad’s footstep. Martin Luther King Sr. was a leader of the civil

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