Martin Luther King Jr.: Unification In Society

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Unification in Society Martin Luther King Jr. is a popular figure who is known for his speech “I Have A Dream”, which is based on racial equality in the mid-20th century. Martin Luther King Jr. uses his words to persuade the end of discrimination without using the use of violence. This speech had a substantial effect on the world, because many people were inspired by his use of figurative language relating to everything. He used poetic devices to connect with his audience’s emotion, they were already unified to perceive his opinions on discrimination. There weren’t just blacks, but whites came to hear his speech too. By now Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech is having an impact. In Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have A Dream” the theme that if everyone is unified to speak up for equality, the results can bring them to freedom, hope, and racial equality which is revealed in this speech through repetition, allusion, and imagery. The poetic device repetition is used to show that freedom will come, if they are unified. King uses repetition to express that freedom still hasn’t appeared in a long time, for this to happen they must act now. He keeps repeating a hundred years later throughout his speech. This shows how the African Americans weren’t free for a long time. Through repetition King emphasises that they must do something now to gain their freedom. “Now is the time” (paragraph 6). In the sixth paragraph Martin Luther King Jr. repeats this phrase to stress the

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