Martin Luther King Jr.'s Impact On The World Today

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential person. He made a change in history that impacts the world today between different races. He is very important on the way how society acts now. King was born on January 15th, 1929, in Atlanta Georgia. He started out as a minister, but is known for being a civil rights activist. He is known for ending the segregation of African-American citizens in racial areas. Martin Luther King Jr. was the middle child of Michael King Jr. and Alberta Williams King. King didn’t have to take 9th and 12th grade in high school because he exceeded so well. He went to Morehouse college in Atlanta, with graduating in 1948. He earned a divinity degree at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, …show more content…

The outcome of this caused a boycott to arise in Montgomery for African-Americans not to ride the buses. The leaders of this boycott had asked King to serve as their president. As the president of the organization, King stated, “First and foremost, we are American citizens…..we are not here advocating violence…..The only weapon of that we have is the weapon of protest…..The great glory of America democracy is the right to protest for right.” This quote means that King thought citizens should not use violence or commit violent acts to get what they want. King is saying how peaceful protests is the key to winning, and it leads to success. Violence is not the answer to having freedom for African-American citizens, and won’t solve the big issue here. King’s nonviolent method was inspired under the influence of the Indian leader Mohandas K. Gandhi. King went through many obstacles as organizing protests. For example, white racial terrorists had bombed King’s home. The boycott had become a success in 1956, when the Supreme Court of the United States made Montgomery have equal seating privileges on public

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