Mary Anne Warren Abortion Analysis

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Mary Anne Warren is a well-known American philosopher who has influenced the argument of the controversial issue, abortion. Today, I will be supporting Warren’s belief and theory on abortion solely being the woman’s choice and will do so by refuting other theories and philosophers including; John T Noonan, Judith Thompson, and Don Marquis. John T. Noonan revolves his argument of abortion around the idea of conception. According to Noonan, abortion is morally wrong because a being comes into existence at the point of conception. Also, being conceived by human parents automatically classifies the fetus as a human as well. Noonan believes a fetus is assigned a human genetic code at conception and stated any individual with a human genetic code…show more content…
The doctors later explain to the victim that he had been kidnapped during his sleep in order to save a famous violinists life. The violinist suffers from a rare kidney disease and the individuals’ kidney is needed for nine months to save his life. This leaves the victim with the choice of disconnecting the tubes and essentially killing the violinist, or remaining in bed connected to the tubes for nine months in order to save his life. The victim relates to the mother, demonstrating her confusion and resentment towards the violinist, which corresponds to the fetus. The kidnapping demonstrates how the mother feels as if her body was stolen while the famous violinists allows others to see potentiality and value in the fetus. Although Warren and Thomson have slightly similar views regarding the mother’s choice to abort, Warren still views Thomson’s theory as flawed. According to Warren, the right to one’s body can be compared to a property right. Thus, meaning the only person that has control over your body is yourself. Once again, the rights of an actual person outweigh the rights of a potential person, proving Thomson’s point to be…show more content…
A man is unable to experience pregnancy, which is a reason I believe they should have no say in the matter of abortion. Not only is it important for women to dictate their own bodies, but it is important to ensure comfort when women are dealing with abortions. Unfortunately, millions of women die each year due to illegal abortions. When women feel trapped, they are forced to find their own solutions which some, have proved to be deathly. Warren’s theory opens abortion as a subject that is meant to help and not harm. The issue of abortion creates questions such as whether or not abortion is morally justifiable, rights of a fetus, and explores the criteria necessary to be proven as a person. To summarize, Mary Ann Warren believes the choice of abortion is always the mothers choice. Warren continuously supports this statement through the argument that a fetus is not a person unless they exhibit a sense of moral being, demonstration of the five traits of personhood, and secures the rights that true human beings rights prevails the rights of fetus, regardless of potentiality or value of any
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