Mary Rowlandson Captivity

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Physically in Bondage, Free in Christ In times of contentment and peace, it is easy to say that one will always trust in the Lord no matter what may come. Despite this eager and somewhat overconfident approach to faith, many Christians often are found questioning the Lord when actual trial and tribulation come their way. In A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson by Mary Rowlandson, she shows readers that even through all she faced during her eleven weeks of captivity, her faith remained unwavering. Mary Rowlandson is the colonial image bearer of what it means to trust in the undeserved mercy that God shows his children, as well as in his nature regardless of your circumstance. Mary Rowlandson shows readers that through every negative situation she faced during her captivity, she used it as a time to reflect upon the Bible and bring honor to the name of the Lord. During the third remove, even after observing the Indians return with the scalps of Englishmen, she does not sit in self-pity, but instead says “I cannot but take notice of the wonderful mercy of God to me in those afflictions, in sending me a Bible” (Rowlandson 274). This is an example of her …show more content…

Readers appreciate her story because it is honest, and her freedom is attributed to no other factor but the Lord’s mercy and intervention in her life. Rowlandson goes from riches to near rags as she says “I have seen the extreme vanity of this world: One hour I have been in health, and wealthy, wanting nothing. But the next hour in sickness and wounds, and death having nothing but sorrow and affliction” (300). Mary’s life is proof that it should be of importance to have a relationship with God and to be well versed in the Bible. The Lord is a foundation and rock for all who believe, and as is shown in the life of Mary Rowlandson, we will never reach a pit so low that he is not

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