Mary Rowlandson Narrative

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Mary Rowlandson’s A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration is a story of how Mary Rowlandson and her family experienced hardship, tragedy, and survival from the Native Americans captivity. Mary Rowlandson’s tribulation started when the Native Americans attacked Lancaster in great numbers. Rowlandson narrates, “at length they came and beset our own house, and quickly it was the dolefullest day that ever mine eyes saw” (Rowlandson 487). A picture of destruction was seen everywhere. Rowlandson states “some in our house were fighting for their lives, others wallowing in their blood, the house on fire over our heads, and the bloody Heathen ready to knock us on the head” (487). People including her relatives and neighbors were shot, wounded, and brutally killed. She and her youngest daughter were wounded. They were taken alive and held as captives by the Native Indians. At some point, she felt she has lost everything and everyone except for her life. Her journey went on for days without having to eat or drink. One of the most agonizing times of a mother’s life was seeing her wounded and sick daughter’s death. Rowlandson states, “about two hours in the night, my sweet Babe like a Lambe departed this life” (Rowlandson 491). Rowlandson experienced the bareness of the wilderness. She felt hunger, begged for food, and learned how to eat food that she never find appetizing. Aside form her basic needs of food and even being unsure on many occasions to have a wigwam for
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