Mass Shooting Research Paper

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“Guns do not kill people, the mentally ill do,” said conservative commenter Anne Coulter. Is there a common link between mental disorders and massive shootings? It is very complicated to prove that mental illness caused any massive shootings, and to prove that if they had the right psychiatric attention that they would not have committed these horrific mass shootings crimes. The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was done by a man named Adam Lanza in Newtown Connecticut in December of 2012. It was highly suggested that Adam Lanza was an undiagnosed schizophrenic. Lanza murdered twenty children and six adults with a military-grade semiautomatic weapon. Murder is wrong in general, however in the case of children, it is said that only a mentally insane person could dare perform such a horrifying act. …show more content…

In the case of the Aurora Colorado shooting, the perpetrator, James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist that specialized in schizophrenia. He walked into the theater and opened fired. His classmates commented that he would laugh randomly and loudly at nonevents. He struggled to show basic emotions in his early childhood. He even wrote a disturbing story about an old women that hid a gun in her cane and killed wantonly. There was also an incident in California were a shooter by the named of Elliot Rodger took medications for his Asperger’s disorder. This article assessed four assumptions that are associated with the aftermath of mass shootings. They are, mental illness causes gun violence, psychiatric diagnosis can predict gun crime before it happens, U.S. mass shootings teach us to fear the loners who are mentally ill, and because of these complex psychiatric histories of these shootings, gun control won’t prevent another

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